Information regarding the Corona pandemic

STATEMENT, 2021-01-22

The safety of our participants during the tournament is our highest priority. It is very important to us that you feel safe registering your team and participating in our tournament. 

We work with planning and adjustments of EYUC 2021 to be able to carry out the tournament in accordance with the Austrian Health Agency’s general advice and recommendations, applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the Austrian Sports Assembly’s guidelines and recommendations.

We follow the development and if there are any new decisions or recommendations from the authorities, we will update this information and notify registered teams.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hollabrunn in August 2021. We will do our utmost to be able to carry out the tournament as safely as possible, so you will have a great week with many new ultimate memories.

Furthermore, in case we are not able to deliver the full event according to the current plans, we have prepared various contingency plans, as outlined below.


We have identified three possible broad scenarios in which we may find ourselves in August 2021 based on different levels of pandemic spread at the time.

Scenario 1: Full delivery of EYUC

Scenario 1 is based on full delivery of EYUC 2021. Scenario 1 is our preferred option.

The development and roll-out of vaccines against COVID19 is moving at a rapid pace, and we are optimistic that vaccination programs will enable us to deliver the full event.

For this reason, at the present time we continue to plan for the event based on Scenario 1, whilst regularly monitoring the situation in Austria and internationally. 

Scenario 2: Restricted delivery of EYUC

Scenario 2 may be relevant if social distancing is still necessary in August 2021. We will deliver actions for social distancing and strict COVID19 hygiene. Events for which this is not feasible will be cancelled.

The Austrian health authorities and police, and local and national governments will give advice on which measurements need to happen. 

Scenario 3: Cancellation

Scenario 3 is our ‘worst-case scenario’. The health, safety and well-being of everyone participating in EYUC is our highest priority. A cancellation of EYUC 2021 will be decided by Austrian authorities, the EYUC TOC and/or EUF if we can’t deliver on this priority.

In case of cancellation by the local authorities we are looking into multiple options how we can reimburse you accordingly. We will update this as soon as we know more.