January 30, 2021
Dear players, coaches and parents!
The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) is proceeding with preparations for
EYUC U17 to be held 7.-14. of August 2021 in Hollabrunn (Austria).

Under current circumstances it is impossible to hold an international ultimate event. Drastic changes in the situation are required for the tournament to be realized. Read more on our specific Corona-protocol further below in the text.

The only thing we as organizers and you as participants can do right now is to prepare for the possibility of the event to happen, plan for safety and security measures and wait for a positive change.

On April 1, EUF will issue a statement with one of two possibilities:

  1. If the situation and outlook allows for it, preparations for EYUC 2021 will continue.
  2. EYUC 2021 will be cancelled.

We will continue preparations for the EYUC 2021 and keep the door open as long as we possibly can.

Until then we want to collect the information of all federations that are interested in participating in the tournament to sign up so that we can communicate directly with you. Please fill out the form on our Registration Page.

We – the EUF and the TOC – hope all teams, players and coaches are able to work with us to try to make Ultimate happen again.

Stay safe and let’s hope for the possibility to meet in Malmö in July or Hollabrunn in August.

EUF Youth Commitee